Planet Tutorial #1
Planet with atmosphere

This Tutorial is to help you creating a planet with Terragen.

This is how the planet have to look.
In the Tutorial a earthsimilar planet was provided.
Naturally colors and other attitudes can be changed in
order to represent any other planet.

First the terrain must be increased. Larger Terrains are much better. In this example the map is increased to 513x513

Terrain increase

(1) click to the marked key on the Landscape screen.

(2) At the Landscape Settings click 513.

(3) increase Point Spacing to 80.

(4) activate Render Curved Terain.

Confirm with OK.

Important! If your Pointspace is to high or the planet radius to small, Terragen can´t show the Water on your planet!

Squash Terrain

Create any terrain with generate terrain. The provided terrain is now probably too high. Click on Modify Terrain window first to (1) Sqash and as many times to (2) Scale Vertical until your terrain is very flat.

Camera position and zoom
You can set the water level to any height you like. Now the zoom must be set. Click on (1) Camera Settings and set the (2) Zoom to 1.
Adapt camera position.
(4) Render preview. The preview image have to look similar as screenshot on the right.

The Sky

Open the Cloudscape window.
(1) Increase Sky size to 10000.
(2) Altitude to 200.
(3) Desity Contrast and Density Shift completely to the left.

The Surface map can adapt to everyones own conceptions!

Camera height and atmosphere

We already come to the end of this tutorial.
Now we have to adapt the atmosphere in the Atmosphere window.
At Atmospheric Blue
(1) you have to set the Density to 45% and Half-hight to 724 meters. In the Rendering control you have to set the height of the camera (2) to 1500m.
Target Postition (under (2)) is in this case on 3550m.
Adjust bank (3) to a positive or negative value. In this case 30 was adjusted. (4) preview!

If the preview looks good, you can start render the final image.
Have fun!!

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